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CaseKnowledge: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Sara Skiff | Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire, tech expert Jill Bauerle covers a soup-to-nuts solution for managing your litigation matters and collaborating with clients, a secure chat room service for law firms and businesses, and a new site in which anyone (including you) can become a beat reporter or columnist. Don't miss the next issue.

Below you'll find one of the three articles from today's edition:

New Tool Enables Firms to Impress Their Clients
By Jill Bauerle
When it comes to client priorities, litigation takes the cake — dockets, deadlines, deliverables, depositions, and documents all add costs to their legal budget. Given the complexity of even small cases, you would think that dozens of companies would offer litigation management solutions. But that's not the case (no pun intended). Sensing a need, CaseKnowledge has launched an eponymous service in the form of a "powerful extranet platform that makes case information immediately available to your clients from any Web browser. CaseKnowledge features a powerful shared calendar and timeline with which your firm can manage all of its open cases, including court dockets, depositions, document production deadlines, and the many other events that transpire during the discovery, trial, and appeal phases. As its name implies, CaseKnowledge also stores all the accumulated knowledge for each case — the theory of the case, the litigation plan and budget, settlement exposure analysis, case resolution strategies, interrogatories, deposition transcripts, expert witness interviews, and much more — all searchable with versioning and approval workflow technology. Unlike other litigation management programs, CaseKnowledge doesn't just manage your case information, but also your client communications. Instead of emailing your clients and colleagues, you simply post a message within CaseKnowledge, which then alerts them via email. They can then reply to your post within CaseKnowledge. The result is a threaded discussion in one place that you can easily search. Speaking of email alerts, CaseKnowledge can send users email alerts for approaching deadlines. Your firm can centrally configure these alerts by case type or by client. For those in the corner office, CaseKnowledge provides a dashboard with an overview of all active cases. From the dashboard, you can pull up a variety of information and reports, including Total Case Cost, Case Status, Spend Analysis, and Exposure Analysis. Even better, you can also create dashboards for clients displaying their entire litigation portfolio. This ability to report information to your clients in a manner not likely provided by the other firms they retain could persuade them to send all their litigation to your firm. CaseKnowledge costs nothing to set up. Instead, CaseKnowledge charges a monthly fee per active case. Learn more about CaseKnowledge.

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