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DirectLaw: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Sara Skiff | Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers a private label online store law firms can add to their Web site (see article below), a network appliance for handling discovery requests and legal holds, and customer relationship management software for law firms that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Don't miss the next issue.

Open Your Own Online Legal Services Store
By Neil J. Squillante

Over the years, state bars have tried to protect lawyers by lobbying for and enforcing legislation concerning the unauthorized practice of law. By and large, these efforts have failed, especially regarding online legal forms — much to the consternation of solos and small law firms.

With Epoq's new DirectLaw, a private label Web-enabled document automation service, you can fight back the old-fashioned way — by beating the competition at their own game. DirectLaw provides your firm with a complete turnkey solution that creates a secure Web space for your clients. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Web site.

Within DirectLaw, your clients can assemble and purchase legal documents and forms, and also purchase legal advice when necessary. In other words, you can earn fees by simply reviewing common legal documents, and also provide personalized legal services for more complex needs, which the online forms providers cannot match.

Clients can select from hundreds of templates for common legal documents, including wills, powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, marital separation agreements, divorce pleadings, and a complete collection of state-specific business documents such as corporation and LLC formation.

Once clients select a document, they complete a questionnaire in which they enter their personal information and instantly create a document ready for your review. Upon reviewing the documents, you may find other areas in which you can provide assistance. Even if the client just wants a simple form, at least it's you earning money and not some site run by non-lawyers.

Epoq provides you with a basic library of more than 200 state-specific interactive templates so that you can get up and running quickly. Epoq's Rapidocs Solo, an authoring application that comes bundled with DirectLaw, enables you to create your own templates as well.

Epoq offers DirectLaw on a subscription basis for one year or longer. As a DirectLaw subscriber, you receive access to your own secure administrative dashboard from which you can manage the client relationship, including retrieving client-created documents, uploading finished documents, and communication with clients.

In addition to Rapidocs Solo, DirectLaw also includes credit card processing of both legal documents sold through your site as well as your legal services in general. There is no set-up fee. Rates start at $495 per month for a solo practitioner. The fee increases based on the size of the firm. Epoq also provides Rapidocs Solo training for an additional fee. Learn more about DirectLaw.

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