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TrialPad: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers a trial presentation iPad app (see article below), an online document comparison service for Word files, software that enables you to access the file system of your iPhone and iPad, an iPad keyboard and stand, and a free eBay-like site on which lawyers can bid for cases. Don't miss the next issue.

Get Your iPad Ready for Trial

If Perry Mason could win murder trial after murder trial using nothing more than his superior legal intellect, why should you need anything other than your superior legal intellect to win the cases you litigate? Mason's clients didn't even have the benefit of Miranda rights let alone any highfalutin trial presentation technology, and they still won! Sadly, you don't practice in TVLand or in the 1950s. You practice in the second decade of the 21st century. So the next time you head to court you may want to bring your iPad instead of your legal pad thanks to a new app for litigators.

TrialPad … in One Sentence
Lit Software's TrialPad is an iPad app for presenting documents in court and other adversarial settings.

The Killer Feature
Apple's App Store is a textbook example of macroeconomics — a large demand, but an even larger supply, and extreme downward pressure on prices as a result. Thus far, it poses far more of a threat to video game makers than to legal vendors, but the makers of TrialPad clearly want to send a message to the old guard.

TrialPad costs $89 — significantly less expensive than document projectors such as those made by ELMO as well as traditional trial presentation software. The company also claims that TrialPad doesn't require the assistance of a trial presentation consultant.

Other Notable Features
TrialPad uses a folder to represent a matter. You can create an unlimited number. Once you create a matter, you can import PDF documents via Dropbox, email, or iTunes.

The documents you load appear in a list. You can rename, sort, and delete documents, and organize them in folders. You can designate key documents as "Hot Docs" for quick access.

TrialPad offers three annotation tools — highlight, marker, and redaction — plus the ability to zoom in and out. You can clear annotations so that you can practice beforehand. You can also rotate entire documents or specific pages within documents.

When presenting documents, you can toggle the external projector on and off or pause it on the current document while you pull up a new document to display.

What Else Should You Know?
Because it runs on an iPad, TrialPad can output to an LCD monitor, LCD projector, or HDTV using the appropriate adapter. It's available exclusively on Apple's App Store. Learn more about TrialPad.

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