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MeetingBurner: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an online meeting service (see article below), an iPhone task management app, a do-it-yourself ediscovery project management and review system, a text messaging service, and a file decompression utility for the iPad and iPhone. Don't miss the next issue.

A Front Row Seat for Existing and Prospective Clients

The Internet disrupts life as we knew it. In some cases, it kills entire industries (music stores). In other cases, it changes the nature of something that once seemed immutable. Consider meetings and seminars. Until the Internet, every knowledge worker had an innate sense as to when to meet in person versus schedule a teleconference. Online meetings blur the lines, and can eliminate costly business travel. While some meetings remain unavoidable (depositions), online meetings work extremely well for law firms with a national practice but only one office as well as for CLE and sales presentations (webinars).

MeetingBurner … in One Sentence
Launched this month, MeetingBurner is an online meeting service.

The Killer Feature
Online meeting services have matured quite a bit (e.g., they all support Macs now), but most of them still require proprietary browser plugins. Some companies block these plugins, which means you can face an awkward situation.

MeetingBurner uses Flash, the ubiquitous Adobe plugin preinstalled in all browsers (except Safari). MeetingBurner also offers iPad, iPhone, and Android apps since Flash doesn't run on mobile devices.

Other Notable Features
MeetingBurner boasts several unique features that should appeal to perfectionists not to mention those with stage fright. For example, MeetingBurner's AutoPilot feature enables you to record your presentation beforehand, and then have it play to your audience "live." You can jump in for real at the end to take questions.

During your presentation, audience members can move a slider to indicate their level of interest. You can use this data to eliminate weak points in your presentation. For sales presentations, you'll know the identities of your hottest prospects.

Other features include teleconference lines, Skype and PayPal integration, text chat, video of the presenter (you), customizable registration pages, automated email and SMS reminders, and the ability to record your presentations and post them to YouTube.

What Else Should You Know?
MeetingBurner offers three plans — Free, Pro, and Premier. Free limits you to 15 attendees. Pro ($39.95 per month) boosts your attendees to 50 and includes telephone support and meeting recording. Premier ($99.95 per month) has no limit on attendees and includes AutoPilot and Meeting Analytics. Learn more about MeetingBurner.

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