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Minute7: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a time- and expense-tracking application for QuickBooks (see article below), a driving app for Android and iOS, an iPad app for QuickBooks Online, and a tool for creating and tracking proposals. Don't miss the next issue.


If QuickBooks had a grandmother, she would talk your ear off about him ("Have I told you about my grandson, the best-selling accounting software?"). But if you asked her about time tracking, she'd probably look at her watch and suggest that "it's getting late." Notwithstanding this weakness, QuickBooks remains a mainstay at many law firms. These firms should, however, consider using better technology to track their billable hours.

Minute7 … in One Sentence

Minute7 is a cloud application for tracking time that integrates with QuickBooks.

The Killer Feature

It's relatively easy for cloud products to share data with other cloud products since they're all on the web. And with a little elbow grease, Windows applications can share data with other Windows applications.

Minute7 offers a happy medium. It integrates with the Windows version of QuickBooks but is itself a cloud application that works on your PC, Mac, iPad, and smartphone. (It also works with QuickBooks Online.)

Other Notable Features

Minute7 enables everyone at your firm to enter time and expenses. It uses a timesheet metaphor with a number of fields you can customize.

As the administrator, you can accept, reject, or modify time and expense entries, and review everyone's entries in the activity log. You can also designate access privileges for everyone in your firm, and set up automated reminders for your team to enter their time and expenses.

Minute7 offers advanced search functionality (e.g., find all time for a specific client or matter), customizable reports, and batch editing of time and expense entries.

What Else Should You Know?

Minute7 costs $8.33 per user per month ($4 if you just want to track time and expenses and don't need the QuickBooks integration). Learn more about Minute7.

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