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Chrometa 4.5: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Many lawyers mistakenly believe that the secret to clients paying on time and without complaining lies in performing quality work for them. That's certainly one factor, but the ability to send detailed, professional-looking bills in a timely fashion is equally important. Making it easy for clients to pay you also helps.

Chrometa 4.5 … in One Sentence

Launched this week, Chrometa 4.5 is an automatic time capture application with new invoicing capabilities.

The Killer Feature

After finalizing your time sheet for one or more clients and matters for a period of time such as a month, you can create a bill with one click, and then email it to your client with a second click. Most law firms send more than one bill per month. Chrometa features batch processing so that you can email multiple bills with just one click.

Chrometa's new invoicing technology integrates with LawPay (a credit card processor for law firms) and PayPal. At your option, you can include live payment links on your bills so that clients can pay them with a credit card or via PayPal. You can toggle these payment options on or off on a per-bill basis.

Chrometa worked with a graphic designer to create professional-looking invoices. By default, the standard invoice template includes your firm's name and address assuming you've previously entered this information into Chrometa. You can further customize the template, and even create one or more templates. The customization tools function like a word processor. For example, you can add your firm's logo, and also add information such as your firm's payment terms, the partner overseeing the matter, and other such information into the header or footer.

"For the past four years we've been busy working to perfect passive time capture," Chrometa CEO and Co-Founder Brett Owens told us. "Now that we've accomplished this mission, we resolved to close the loop on billable time by helping you get paid for it fast."

Other Notable Features

Chrometa 4.5 retains all its core functionality, including automatic capture of the time you spend on your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and/or Android smartphone.

A new report lists all your unbilled captured time so that you can quickly assign it to a client and matter. Other tools that help you process the time you capture into time entries more quickly include plugins for Outlook and Gmail, filters that automatically categorize captured time, and intelligent timesheets.

What Else Should You Know?

Four of Chrometa's six plans include the new invoicing tools — Plus ($29 per month), Premium ($49 per month), Team Plus ($29 per user per month), and Team Premium ($49 per user per month). The invoicing tools are optional since Chrometa integrates with many third-party applications such as Clio, QuickBooks, PCLaw, and Rocket Matter. You can also export your time entries and import them into virtually any accounting or billing application. Learn more about Chrometa 4.5.

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