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FileCenter Professional 8: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, May 16, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a document and records management system (see article below), an iPhone keyboard case, a cloud file server, and a text automation app for the iPad and iPhone. Don't miss the next issue.


Document management is so important for every law firm that it has spawned more cliches than a politician. For example, law firms "drowning in paper" desperately want to go "paperless." Many of the solutions designed to help law firms get from one cliche to the other cost an "arm and a leg" and require you to be a "rocket scientist."

FileCenter Professional 8 … in One Sentence

Launched this month, Lucion Technologies' FileCenter Professional 8 is a document management system with PDF and scanning tools that doesn't require a consultant to set up.

The Killer Feature

Many document management systems support scanning as an afterthought if at all. By contrast, FileCenter Professional captures all your documents, including those that arrive on paper. Accordingly, it offers multiple scanning technologies, each of which is aimed at a particular need of law firms.

For example "In-Place Scanning" enables you to scan directly into a designated client/matter "drawer" in image-only or searchable PDF format (FileCenter Professional uses a file cabinet metaphor). "Scanning Profiles" automate scanning jobs by applying presets such as resolution, optical character recognition, document format, and where to file scanned documents. It can even name your scanned documents automatically.

Scanning Profiles works in conjunction with "Document Separators" to automate large scanning jobs. Using this technology, when you scan a stack of documents, FileCenter Professional automatically splits them apart and files them for you, naming each document appropriately.

"Our new scanning features stem from spending many hours talking to lawyers who use previous versions of FileCenter Professional, and studying their scanning workflows," Lucion CEO Jeff Pickard told us. "As lawyers ourselves, we understand that law firms have unique requirements so we crafted FileCenter Professional 8 to be the most elegant and efficient tool available to meet these needs."

Other Notable Features

Also new in FileCenter Professional, you can edit and clean up your scans. The new image editing tools work on any PDF or TIFF scan, including those you scanned prior to using FileCenter Professional. The new Inbox provides a flexible workspace into which you can import documents from virtually any source — digital cameras, network scanners, portable scanners, etc.

FileCenter Professional requires minimal configuration because it overlays your current file and folder structure while enhancing functionality beyond that which Windows provides. For example, the software has long provided filename templates and reusable folder layouts. In the new version, you can also set up "Custom Lists" of common terms to draw from when you name a file. Thus, you can build filenames for new documents faster.

In addition to organizing your scans, FileCenter Professional also organizes the documents you and your colleagues create in Microsoft Word and other programs as well as client-related email. And it can eliminate the need for standalone PDF software thanks to advanced PDF tools such as combining PDF documents, annotating and editing them, digital signatures, form filling, and more. Other features include the ability to view documents in virtually any file format, and search the full text of your documents using advanced tools such as Boolean queries.

What Else Should You Know?

FileCenter Professional costs $199.95 with volume discounts available. FileCenter, which lacks some of the features in the Professional version, costs $49.95. Learn more about FileCenter Pro 8.

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