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The Count for Prints: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers business intelligence and cost recovery software for your printers (see article below), an application for defensibly capturing evidence on the web, a task manager for teams, and an iPhone communications app. Don't miss the next issue.


Many lawyers misunderstand cost recovery technology. They think it's only for law firms that charge separately for telephone calls, faxes, and copies. However, this data has many other uses, including determining hourly or fixed fees, identifying your costliest clients, matters, and employees, tracking the time spent on telephone calls for accurate billing entries, and more. This is called business intelligence. Until now, one activity has flown under the radar despite its growing cost — printing documents.

The Count for Prints … in One Sentence

Launching today, Lex Systems' The Count for Prints tracks the usage of all the printers in your law firm.

The Killer Feature

The Count for Prints works with both network and standalone printers. It doesn't just track the number of printouts by client/matter and user. You can also create rules and restrict access to optimize printer usage and reduce costs. For example, you can route jobs to designated printers depending on their nature — number of pages, draft or final version, type of paper, client/matter, user, etc.

If you charge for prints or use the data to bake the costs into your hourly or flat fees, The Count for Prints includes a pricing table for assigning a value to each print job according to your firm's policies. Pricing can vary depending on the attributes enumerated above. The Count for Prints can keep your lawyers and staff apprised of their printer usage so that they print more judiciously.

"In the early days of PCs, users would just print their work product," Lex Systems President Owen Rice told us. "Nowadays, lawyers also print documents they used to duplicate using a copier thanks to the popularity of scanners and the paperless office movement. Accordingly, printer usage has increased. By controlling access to each printer, routing large jobs to high-capacity printers, and accounting for all print jobs, The Count for Prints reduces paper usage and toner costs, making printing more cost effective."

Other Notable Features

In addition to The Count for Prints, Lex Systems also offers The Count for Copies, The Count for Faxes, and The Count for Calls. All modules consist of software that runs on off-the-shelf PCs. There's no proprietary hardware to license or purchase. Lex Systems guides you through the installation process and provides training.

To track an activity, you can enter client/matter and other required information from your computer or from a PC or tablet connected to a device such as a copier or printer — whichever makes more sense. You can use a mix of both input options.

The Count integrates with all major accounting systems, eliminating the need to export and import data. All captured data remains within your law firm on a central server. Lex Systems claims that anyone can learn how to use its administrative tools (you need not be an IT professional). However, the company provides unlimited support and training at no additional cost if you need help.

What Else Should You Know?

Lex Systems charges an annual fee for The Count that depends on which modules you use. Learn more about The Count for Prints.

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