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Tout: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an email sales automation application that works with Gmail and Outlook (see article below), Microsoft's new Outlook apps for iPad and iPhone, an iPad stand that will match your furniture, and a specialized iOS search engine app. Don't miss the next issue.


Don't look now, but the legal profession has changed dramatically yet few lawyers realize it because the transition seems so natural. Nowadays, lawyers increasingly take on new matters and even new clients via email instead of in person or over the telephone. It makes sense given email's strength at exchanging documents such as a retainer agreement. Now that you're closing so many engagements via email, take it to the next level.

Tout … in One Sentence

Toutapp's Tout is an email sales automation application that integrates with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

The Killer Feature

A cloud application, Tout enables you to create templates for email messages you frequently send. In addition to taking care of the message subject and body for you, the templates you create can also automatically attach designated documents such as brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc. and also cc designated colleagues.

Templates also support database fields for personalization. Thus, a template can enter a greeting using the recipient's first name, mention their company name, etc. If you want to schedule a meeting or telephone call, you can embed several dates and times on which you're available. When you finalize your email message, you can immediately send it or have Tout send it later at a time you specify. Tout also handles bulk email messages.

Other Notable Features

You can set up Tout on a firm-wide basis to ensure consistent communications with prospective and existing clients. In addition to Gmail and Outlook, Tout also integrates with customer relationship management applications such as Highrise and Salesforce so that you can import contacts and create groups.

Tout tracks all activity. You can see when recipients open your message, whether they view your presentation, if they visit your web site, etc. Tout has particularly deep insight into PowerPoint presentations that you send from within Tout. For example, you can see how much time recipients spend per slide. All this realtime data can help you decide which prospects to focus on and when to follow up with them.

What Else Should You Know?

You can choose from four plans that cost $30, $100, $250, and $750 per month respectively. The least expensive plan is for one user as it lacks template sharing and other collaborative features. Tout has a consulting division that can help with setup and training for an added fee. Learn more about Tout.

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