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LexisNexis Time Matters 13: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, October 10, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers practice management software with a secure client portal (see article below), a height-adjustable desk, a project management application, and an iPad app for creating timelines. Don't miss the next issue.


A recent study published by Ponemon Institute found that data breaches have occurred at approximately 90% of organizations. You've no doubt read articles about such security breaches. However, it's the security breaches you never find out about that wreak the most harm. Not every criminal gets caught after all. Maybe you didn't lose that trial last year on the merits. A new practice management system contains a technology to prevent such breaches.

LexisNexis Time Matters 13 … in One Sentence

Announced this week and launching later this month, LexisNexis Time Matters 13 is a practice management and billing system with a new secure client portal.

The Killer Feature

Today's clients want the convenience of online client portals for access to their matters, including confidential and privileged documents. However, you're responsible for providing a secure solution. Your bar can only protect you from ethics charges, not other harm that results from data breaches.

LexisNexis claims that the new Time Matters Client Portal enables your firm to provide your clients and other third parties with secure yet convenient access to designated documents. As an added bonus, you need not worry about file size unlike with email. The Time Matters Client Portal is powered by WatchDox, which industry research firms Forrester and Gartner have both endorsed as the most secure enterprise file sharing solution.

The Time Matters Client Portal requires minimal setup and training. Among its features, you can share files with both PCs and mobile devices, restrict the documents you share (e.g., prevent copying, editing, printing, and/or forwarding), add a watermark unique to each user to discourage breaches, set an expiration date, revoke previously granted access temporarily or permanently, and prevent unauthorized screen capture by limiting access to small areas of a document at any one time (PC-only currently). Needless to say, all documents are encrypted. You can wipe access to any or all of your firm's documents any time.

"The dramatic proliferation of mobile devices has raised client expectations for secure access to documents," Time Matter Product Manager Alex Overcash told us. "However, law firms are justifiably concerned about security given their stewardship of sensitive information. There simply hasn't been a viable alternative until now. The Time Matters Client Portal offers a simple but highly effective way to know who has access to a file, what they can do with it, and for how long."

Other Notable Features

As its version number 13 suggests, Time Matters has a wealth of features that not only encompass traditional practice management, but also modern features such as Time Entry Advisor, which debuted last year in version 12. You can use Time Matters out of the box or customize it with the help of a certified consultant and/or third-party add-ons.

New features include the ability to color code matters in calendars so that everyone can instantly identify Events and ToDos related to particular matters. Like Time Entry Advisor, color coding also helps you catch billable hours that might otherwise go unbilled. Version 13 also includes administrator-configurable automatic backups to help prevent catastrophic data loss.

What Else Should You Know?

Existing Time Matters customers with an annual maintenance plan (AMP) can upgrade to version 13 at no charge. Otherwise, Time Matters costs $985 for the first user and $570 for each additional user. These prices include a one-year AMP, which provides you with 12 hours of telephone support on weekdays, software updates, on-demand online training, and Time Matters Mobility for access from your smartphone. Learn more about LexisNexis Time Matters 13.

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