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SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Would you use regular email if you want to communicate with Edward Snowden? Unlikely. You wouldn't only have to worry about our spy agencies, but also Russia's so you'd need to use encrypted email. However, because encrypted email requires you to jump through so many hoops, you'd probably decide against emailing Snowden your Chicken Kiev recipe. But what about your clients? You need to email them. They don't want you calling. Encrypted email that works like regular email would solve this conundrum.

SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook … in One Sentence

Launched recently, Privacy Data Systems' SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook enables you to send secure email messages and attachments from Microsoft Outlook.

The Killer Feature

SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook is an add-on that requires just one behavioral modification — clicking the "SendItCertified" button that the software adds to Outlook instead of the default Send button.

SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook encrypts both your email message and any attachments. Outlook's Sent Items folder keeps a record of every message you send. Through your web account, you can access the Proof of Delivery Log that provides a complete chain-of-custody, including all actions taken by each recipient.

"With SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook, sending secure email is easier than ever," Privacy Data Systems President and CEO Jeff Holt told us. "Simply type a message in Outlook and then send it securely with just a click. SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook provides unprecedented convenience without sacrificing security."

Other Notable Features

SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook solves another problem. You can send attachments of any size. It bypasses not only any attachment size limitations of the email systems your recipients use, but also those imposed by Outlook. That's because recipients download your attachment from SenditCertified's secure AES 256-bit servers — the strongest encryption available for commercial use. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, your messages remain secure in transit and at rest.

If you need to securely send a document from a device not running Outlook such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you can obtain the same functionality using the SenditCertified website once you login with your credentials.

Recipients don't need any software to receive your messages and attachments — not even Outlook. However, for added security, you can require them to enter a password or fingerprint verification depending on the sensitivity of your communication. If recipients need to securely send you messages and documents, they can use the SecureInbox included with your subscription at no charge to them.

What Else Should You Know?

Other features include message recall, secure audio and video messages, and electronic signatures. SenditCertified offers several monthly and annual subscription plans depending on your needs. Learn more about SenditCertified for Microsoft Outlook.

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