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Worldox for iOS 2.0: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, April 25, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a document management app for iPhone and iPad (see article below), a backup service for your cloud data, desktop search software that also searches cloud services, and a cloud case analysis application for litigation. Don't miss the next issue.


The majority of lawyers in the United States (and perhaps in commonwealth countries) use an iPhone and/or an iPad. Many of you in this new majority want to practice law from these devices using native apps. These apps free you from your desk, run fast, and have optimized user interfaces. Document management remains the lifeblood of law practice so if that's where you want to start you're in luck.

Worldox for iOS 2.0 … in One Sentence

Launched recently, World Software's Worldox for iOS 2.0 enables you to use the Worldox GX3 document management system from your iPhone and iPad.

The Killer Feature

Worldox for iOS 2.0 consists of two free apps — one for the iPhone and one for the iPad. The previous version of the app worked only on the iPad. The new apps enable you to access the same Worldox features available in the Windows and Mac desktop applications. You'll also find sharing tools such as the ability to email a document.

Worldox for iOS integrates with both Dropbox and OneDrive for sharing documents and for working on documents. For example, copying a Word document into your OneDrive account enables you to work on it using Microsoft Word for iPad and collaborate with a client. You can check these documents back into Worldox from your iPhone or iPad.

"Many of our legal customers own iPhones and iPads," World Software Corporation President Ray Zwiefelhofer told us. "The new Worldox for iOS apps make the Worldox experience accessible on these devices, and also make it possible for clients to collaborate using Dropbox or OneDrive. The enhanced user interface makes any task manageable even on the iPhone. Worldox clients can immediately take advantage of these apps, which are available for free on the App Store."

Other Notable Features

The core Worldox features available in Worldox for iOS include document Check-in and Check-out, Favorite Files and Favorite Matters, Quick Profiles and Navigation Panel, Search Forms, Projects, and Workspaces.

Documents in Worldox have Profiles, enabling you to find them using a variety of parameters. Because you often create the same types of documents, Quick Profiles are templates that save you time when adding a new document to Worldox. The Navigation Panel provides access to all the document types (Profile Groups) your firm has created — briefs, correspondence, etc.

Projects enable you to collect documents from anywhere within Worldox in one place. You can then use Workspaces to bookmark a Project and share it with others on your team.

What Else Should You Know?

Worldox for iOS works in both portrait and landscape. A future update will provide integration with the Good Dynamics platform for enhanced security and privacy. The apps require Worldox GX3 and Web Mobile. Learn more about Worldox for iOS.

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