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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers cloud ediscovery software with new near-duplicate document processing technology (see article below), a new twist on cable management, legal proofreading software that you can train, and an iOS app for creating time-lapse videos. Don't miss the next issue.


If you're like most lawyers, the documents you create go through multiple rounds of drafts. And you probably have email conversations with threads that would kill a few trees if printed. You're not the only the one who generates these so-called "near duplicates." Documents nearly but not exactly the same have become an expensive problem in ediscovery.

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform … in One Sentence

Launched this week, Lexbe eDiscovery Platform, a cloud application for processing, culling, reviewing and producing electronically stored information (ESI), now includes near duplicate grouping technology called NearDup Groupings+.

The Killer Feature

NearDup Groupings+ takes advantage of specialized servers in Lexbe's datacenter, enabling it to scale to handle cases of any size. It "runs quickly" according to the company, giving it a speed advantage over on-premise software running on a single PC or even a small cluster.

NearDup Groupings+ also speeds up the review process while minimizing risks. Grouping similar documents in a collection of ESI facilitates accelerated batch issue coding. Of course, NearDup Groupings+ doesn't only group similar responsive documents, but also similar privileged documents. This makes it less likely you'll inadvertently disclose such documents, a growing problem thanks to the volume of email, attachments, and other ESI even in small cases.

Speaking of email, it has long posed a challenge for near-duplication software not to mention mighty Gmail. Conversations involving some of the same people but on different topics often mistakenly get grouped together. NearDup Grouping+ looks beyond the sender, recipients, and subject line to group email messages more intelligently — like a human being. With more confidence in the near duplicate groupings, you can review email threads more quickly.

Other Notable Features

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform supports documents in their native format and Outlook PST files. You can also load documents in PDF or TIFF formats; it automatically processes and performs OCR on scanned documents. Bates stamping can occur at the document level for native files and on each page for PDF and TIFF files, providing for flexible review and productions.

A Google-like search interface facilitates Boolean keyword searches. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform also features more advanced tools such as concept, stemming (derivatives of root words), and fuzzy searches. Saved searches automatically include newly added documents. You'll find a standard set of issue tags, but you can also create your own custom tags.

Administrative controls enable you to automatically assign documents to reviewers for "load-balanced" reviews. Review progress reporting helps you stay on top of staffing and production deadlines. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform produces documents in whatever format you agree upon with opposing counsel (e.g., Native, PDF, or TIFF load files).

What Else Should You Know?

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform costs $22 per GB per month regardless of the number of cases and users (discounts exist for customers with large cases and/or many accounts). This price includes NearDup Groupings+. However, the latter is also available as a standalone service. When used in this manner, Lexbe delivers near duplicate load files for other popular document review products. Learn more about Lexbe eDiscovery Platform.

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