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Kluwer Arbitration Unveils New Search Tools for More Efficient International Arbitration Research

By TechnoLawyer | Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a redesigned international arbitration research service with tools such as Visual Connectors for Boolean searches (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of a Windows application designed to handle your OCR, PDF, and document comparison needs in one product, practice management software with a growing library of forms and templates, and built-in document assembly and e-filing, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Many deals nowadays involve parties in different countries. In the event of disputes, neither side relishes litigating in the other country's judicial system. As a result, international arbitration has grown dramatically, offering advantages such as multinational enforcement, arbitrators with subject matter expertise, and simpler procedural rules. As with any dispute resolution system, lawyers need a comprehensive research tool.

Kluwer Arbitration … in One Sentence

Wolters Kluwer's Kluwer Arbitration, an online international arbitration research service with exclusive material, has undergone a major redesign that launches this week.

The Killer Feature

Chief among the new features are search enhancements designed to improve accuracy and speed. When using natural language, Kluwer Arbitration predicts what you likely want to search for as you type. Instead of searching all content, you can restrict your queries using filters such as Content Type, Publication Type, or Author. Also, you can search within search results.

Visual Connectors bring Boolean searches into the 21st century. Connectors such as AND and NEAR are visually distinct from your search terms. Click and drag a connector to move its position. Click and hold a connector to make granular adjustments (e.g., NEAR 2, NEAR 10, etc.).

"The key theme coming out of our customer engagement interviews was the need for simplicity in design and function to which we responded with a clean and intuitive user interface," says Managing Director David Bartolone. "The new research experience makes it easy for novice and expert researchers alike to search and quickly zero in on the right information."

Other Notable Features

Without leaving the search results, you can preview a reference by clicking on the matching keyword (the reference opens in its own window). Kluwer Arbitration offers printing options such as font size and whether to include summary information, enabling you to comply with the specific requirements that many arbitration venues impose on exhibits. You can also export references to PDF format or email the link to a colleague.

"Kluwer Arbitration is an enormous database comprising some of the most influential doctrine as well as a high number of awards and jurisprudence from all around the world of international arbitration," says Dr. Christian W. Konrad, partner at international arbitration law firm Konrad & Partners. "It is, therefore, an important and valued asset to our practice and one that we use on a daily basis."

In fact, Kluwer Arbitration is the largest database of its kind. Primary source material includes 500+ arbitration laws, 2,250+ Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1,250+ rules from more than 200 institutions, and 2,250+ arbitral awards. You'll also find 10,000+ court decisions, including 500 from Chinese courts summarized in English.

Secondary sources include more than 230 treatises (nearly all exclusive), and the complete archives of 11 journals related to arbitration. The IAI Arbitrator Tool and IMI Mediator Tool enable you to find and compare potential adjudicators. The Kluwer Arbitration Blog and Kluwer Mediation Blog are free publications accessible from Kluwer Arbitration.

What Else Should You Know?

Created by multinational law firm Clifford Chance for Kluwer Arbitration, Smart Charts offer practice tips. For example, you can find model clauses for arbitration agreements, compare arbitral institutions, and get advice on arcane issues like challenging an arbitrator and sovereign immunity. Learn more about Kluwer Arbitration.

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