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CASEpeer Promises a Hassle-Free Out-of-the Box Experience for Personal Injury Firms

By TechnoLawyer | Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers personal injury practice management software with specialized tools for tracking settlements, liens, medical records, marketing, and much more (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of a Microsoft Word add-in that automates document creation and ensures their consistency with firm-wide rules, a redesigned international arbitration research service with tools such as Visual Connectors for Boolean searches, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Personal injury practice differs significantly from other types of litigation. Contingency fee arrangements require careful intake screening and monitoring of settlement offers. In between, you need to keep cases moving along, and manage everything from insurance policies to medical records while not missing any deadlines. This calls for specialized software.

CASEpeer … in One Sentence

CASEpeer is cloud practice management software for personal injury law firms.

The Killer Feature

"Without a doubt, CASEpeer is the most intuitive solution for plaintiff's law firms," says CEO Darren Fancher. "From lead tracking to powerful settlement tools, CASEpeer makes attorneys and staff more efficient and effective."

My demo begins with a look at these settlement tools. Essentially your firm's financial pipeline, the Settlement Management dashboard lists all Demands and Offers across all open cases. You can also view settled cases by Checks In, Pending (waiting for check), and Issues (potential collection problem). The top of the dashboard lists totals for each category and your firm's cut. Search for a specific case or client, or filter by attorney to see your cases or those of a colleague.

The firm-wide Overviews dashboard enables you to compare the performance of your team and identify bottlenecks. At the other extreme, a settlement dashboard exists for each client with the details of each demand and offer, and a running total of settlements, liens, costs, and the client's net. This is where you change the status of a demand, and enter information about attorney, health provider, and other liens.

Other Notable Features

Settlement information is just one of many data types CASEpeer stores for each client. Others include defendants, other parties, expert witnesses, photos, discovery, timeline, and much more. Each file's Home Tab contains the most salient information such as the client's photo, case age, statute of limitations, health providers, health bills, police report, lost wages, etc.

The Home Tab also lists Case Tasks and Case Notes. Case Tasks typically reside within a CASEplan, a custom workflow that automatically assigns tasks to a person when a trigger occurs (e.g., send a letter of representation to health providers after intake). You can manually create Case Notes but many are automatically generated (e.g., when you mark a demand accepted), creating an audit trail of all case activity.

CASEpeer prevents mishaps and offers deep analytics. The main dashboard lists the cases with an approaching statute of limitations, inactive cases and their "last touched" date, open tasks, unread messages, etc. The Intake report enables you to compare the value of each of your marketing channels (Internet, radio, referrals, etc.) thanks to the settlement data in CASEpeer. Every contact in CASEpeer exists as its own independent record, which enables you to identify connections. For example, you can view all cases related to an adjustor, doctor, etc.

"CASEpeer has transformed the way my firm operates," says Samuel Mirejovsky, co-founder of Bergener Mirejovsky, APC. "It is a powerful and intuitive tool for any personal injury practice. CASEpeer encourages collaboration, oversight, and accountability. Its robust features have without a doubt increased our efficiency. With CASEpeer we can plan for the future with ease."

What Else Should You Know?

CASEpeer also offers document management, email capture, expense tracking, eFax integration, and the ability to send, receive, and store text messages. The monthly subscription price ranges from $55 to $85 per user depending on the size of your firm. This includes data migration, online training, and technical support. Learn more about CASEpeer.

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