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LEAP Brings Automated Email Organization and Secure Communications to Practice Management

By TechnoLawyer | Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a practice management system that automatically captures email correspondence, integrates with Outlook, and offers a secure client portal (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of cloud litigation management software that enables you and your team to analyze the key documents, testimony, and witnesses in your cases, a new research service that collects primary and secondary sources related to cybersecurity and privacy issues, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Practice management software sits at the heart of your law firm. Some would characterize it as the beating heart of your law firm, especially when used for timekeeping, billing, accounting, document assembly, and other vital functions. But email also resides at the heart of your firm. It seems like these two core technologies should work well together.

LEAP … in One Sentence

LEAP is a cloud-based practice management system with a new suite of email tools, especially for Outlook users.

The Killer Feature

LEAP automatically stores your incoming and outgoing email messages and those of your colleagues — including attachments. This feature works with Office 365.

Let's say you draft a Word document within LEAP and want to email it to a client. From within LEAP, right click on the document and select "Email" or "PDF and Email" depending on whether you want to send it in Word or PDF format. LEAP auto-creates the subject line based on the corresponding matter, which you can edit if you wish. You can attach other documents or save your draft to finish later. After sending the message, LEAP prompts you for a time entry and automatically files the message in the correct matter. If you switch over to Outlook, your iPhone, etc, you'll find this message in your "Sent Mail" folder.

If your client replies, LEAP automatically captures and files this reply and all future email correspondence in the correct matter. It doesn't matter which email app or device your client uses. This automatic capture even survives changes to the subject line and additional recipients. LEAP performs this magic through an invisible code in the initial message designed to withstand the rigors of an email discussion.

Other Notable Features

The LEAP integration with Outlook adds a number of functions to the ribbon. For example, you can access any document in LEAP from within Outlook, attach it to a message, and bill the time spent writing the message. When you receive email initiated by clients and other external contacts, you can file these messages from Outlook into the correct matter in LEAP and bill the time you spend reading them. Both LEAP and Outlook contain all your contacts, calendar appointments, and tasks.

LEAP's email functionality also works from the free mobile app for iPad, iPhone, and Android. If a client needs a document when you're out of the office, you can send it to your client from the mobile app, bill your time, and capture all subsequent communications.

When you need a more secure form of communication than email, you can use LawConnect, the client portal built into LEAP. Right click on the document or folder you want to share and select LawConnect instead of emailing it. A few more clicks and you'll create a secure web portal in which your client can view the document and communicate with you. LawConnect notifies you when your client has viewed a shared document, and enables you to manage your client's access rights (you can revoke access anytime).

What Else Should You Know?

LEAP offers a full suite of practice management features in addition to these communications tools, including a growing library of forms and accompanying document assembly engine as alluded to above. LEAP can also design and host your website. Learn more about LEAP.

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