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Two Perfect Laptop Stands (One Is Free)

By Neil J. Squillante | Monday, November 7, 2005

One Sunday this past January, we had a blizzard. So I stayed at home and spent the entire day in front of my laptop, mostly playing with iTunes. The next day I woke up with neck pain so I resolved to buy a laptop stand that would place my laptop screen at the correct height.

After researching the many options, I bought the Dexia Rack, which we had covered a few months before in TechnoLawyer NewsWire. The Dexia Rack looks quite elegant, but as I soon discovered, it has two design flaws — a slippery surface and no height adjustment.

The company quickly sent me some rubber feet, which solved the surface problem, but the stand was simply too high for me when used at my desk. I decided to return the stand, but to my surprise, Dexia agreed with my criticism, refunded my money, and told me to keep the stand. Perhaps Dexia entered my name into Google and learned about my role at TechnoLawyer, but even so, it was a smart if calculated move. Why? Because I have since come to love the Dexia Rack when placed over my lap. In that scenario, it works perfectly. So, if you enjoy using your laptop on the sofa or in bed, buy the Dexia Rack.Phonestand

But what about my original quest — a laptop stand for my desk? I eventually found a solution completely free of charge — the Verizon Yellow Pages. For me at least, the Yellow Pages lifts my laptop to the perfect height. It's nice to see that phone books can still serve a purpose in our increasingly paperless world (click image for full-size photo).

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