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LexisNexis Toolbar: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Sara Skiff | Wednesday, February 1, 2006

In today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire, tech expert Jill Bauerle covers a free toolbar for fast, easy legal research, software that can map your entire network and help you manage desktop application licenses, and a service that enables you to create unique e-mail addresses on the fly to prevent spam. Don't miss the next issue.

Below you'll find one of the three articles from today's edition:

Raising the Bar for Legal Research
By Jill Bauerle
Knowing shortcuts when you search LexisNexis can save you time. Now you can save even more time with the new LexisNexis Toolbar, the first toolbar designed specifically for online legal research. The LexisNexis Toolbar integrates with your Web browser for immediate gratification when you must find information, fast. To this end, it provides several options for searching. As you might expect, you can type your terms into the search box, select your source, and click "Search." However, you can also conduct searches by highlighting keywords on Web pages. The LexisNexis Toolbar also supports most favorite LexisNexis command searches. In addition to searching various LexisNexis sources, you can also use the LexisNexis Toolbar to Shepardize and pull up citations. It can even run Google and MSN searches. However you use it, the LexisNexis Toolbar saves you from continuously logging onto the LexisNexis home page and clicking through multiple screens. You can download the LexisNexis Toolbar for free. To use it, you'll need Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Learn more about LexisNexis Toolbar.

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