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Samsung Syncmaster 244T Review: A Giant for Giants

By Neil J. Squillante | Monday, February 20, 2006

A few months ago, Samsung released a new line of LCD monitors, including its top-of-the-line Syncmaster 244T, a 24 inch widescreen monitor (1920x1600) with one DVI input, one VGA input, one composite input (for a DVD player or video iPod), and a USB 2.0 hub. You can toggle among the three inputs with a button on the front.

The monitor can also swivel, providing both landscape and portrait mode (which lawyers seem to like). It comes in silver or black. TigerDirect seems to have the best deal among reputable resellers — $1,399.

I'm writing this review on the Syncmaster 244T in silver. I just took it out of the box today. Unfortunately, I'm sending it back. Why? It's too high. The monitor enables you to adjust its height, but at its lowest height, the bottom of the monitor measures 6 inches from the desk and the top measures 21 inches. My sweet spot is 3"/18". Given that most monitors accommodate my sweet spot, it didn't occur to me to check. Plus, none of the existing reviews discuss the height.

If you're tall (or enjoy craning your neck), I highly recommend this monitor — it has the best picture quality I've ever seen. Having to return it breaks my heart, but I feel like I'm bird watching.

The Syncmaster 244T I received has no dead pixels. Setup is a breeze, but Samsung does not include a manual — you must download it from the Web site. I found the monitor too bright at its default setting. In a nice touch, Samsung provides a number of settings for various applications. These settings not only change the brightness, but other parameters as well. I found the "Text" setting the most suitable for my purposes, and suspect most lawyers would feel the same.

All in all, the Samsung Syncmaster 244T is an incredible LCD monitor marred by poor ergonomics for a large portion of society. A shame.

PS: Kudos to TigerDirect for its fast, friendly service, and for not charging me a restocking fee.

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