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ProDoc New York Automated Forms: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers a new automated legal forms program for New York lawyers (see article below), an iPhone app for scanning documents on the go, a legal-specific toolbar for Microsoft Office that automates document creation, a site on which you can search for large firm client memos, and a personal knowledge management application. Don't miss the next issue.

Cut Document Drafting Time in Half


Do you draft legal documents? Would you like to reduce the time it takes to draft these documents? Here's a tip — delegate the work to someone else. Of course, someone has to do the work and that someone might be you so delegation may not work. Fortunately, an alternative solution exists — use document assembly software that contains all the forms you regularly use.

ProDoc New York Automated Forms … in One Sentence
West's ProDoc New York Automated Forms is a document assembly system that ships with a library of forms, eliminating the need to create your own.

The Killer Feature
Launching today, ProDoc New York Automated Forms joins its California, Florida, and Texas siblings in the West Forms family. West claims that these products can cut drafting time in half and also reduce errors.

ProDoc New York Automated Forms accomplishes this feat thanks to a patented document-assembly engine that enables you to create several documents simultaneously. You choose the documents you want to assemble, and then answer the corresponding questions. ProDoc New York Automated Forms then builds your documents in your word processor for final review and editing. The California, Florida, and Texas versions work the same way.

Other Notable Features
ProDoc New York Automated Forms has other time-saving features as well. For example, it saves all of the client and case data you enter for reuse in other documents you create, thus eliminating dual entry.

You can tailor ProDoc New York Automated Forms to your practice by choosing from the following libraries: Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, or Office Practice (the latter includes all libraries).

ProDoc New York Automated Forms also includes forms for New York Office of Court Administration (OCA) and Surrogate's Court. You'll also find model forms created by lawyers who are experts in their respective fields. ProDoc New York Automated Forms automatically keeps these forms up to date over the Internet.

What Else Should You Know?
ProDoc New York Automated Forms includes three licenses. Each additional license costs $10. You can use ProDoc New York Automated Forms in conjunction with ProDoc Small Office Suite for an additional $25. ProDoc Small Office Suite is a practice management system that features a calendar, time and billing, client and case organization, contact management, document management, and client and case notes. Learn more about ProDoc New York Automated Forms.

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