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MyCase v2.0: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's issue of TechnoLawyer NewsWire covers an online practice management application with social networking technologies (see article below), a PDF editor for iPad, a redaction add-on for Microsoft Word, a tool for adding contact forms and other elements to your Web site, and an online audio recording service for creating podcasts. Don't miss the next issue.

Introducing Social Practice Management


Your day has finally ended. It's dark outside so you see your reflection in the window. You worked pretty much nonstop but something seems amiss. Did you finish and file that brief? Check. Did your partner revise that lease? Check. Did you both enter your billable time? Check. Did you return your client's call? Oops! That's it. Too late now. Too bad your client couldn't see that you were working on his brief. Or could he?

MyCase v2.0 … in One Sentence
MyCase is an online application that combines social networking with practice management for enhanced business development, client communication and collaboration, and mobility.

The Killer Feature
Communication is essential for successful attorney-client relationships. Most clients don't expect miracles, but they expect their lawyers to keep them in the loop. However, when solos and small firm lawyers get busy with client work, they sometimes forget about the client who gave them the work.

MyCase enables you to communicate with your clients 24/7 — even when you're sleeping or otherwise preoccupied. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, MyCase gives your clients secure access to their case information.

Specifically, they can ask questions about and comment on their cases, download, view, and upload documents, schedule appointments and telephone calls, receive reminders, and review and pay bills. Also, like Facebook's famous newsfeed, MyCase offers Activity Streams — all documents and events associated with a case — enabling your clients to view the progress you're making in real-time.

"When I started my firm I searched for a solution to help me communicate efficiently with my clients," MyCase President and CEO Matt Spiegel, Esq. told us. "I tried all of the traditional desktop and cloud-based programs but none of them addressed this challenge. MyCase was the direct result of my desire to build a successful practice, and with it I've been able to do just that in less than 18 months."

Other Notable Features
MyCase claims to offer practice management for lawyers who hate practice management. Based on research, the company eliminated little-used fields to focus on critical information and create a streamlined interface requiring little if any training. MyCase offers calendars that sync with third-party applications such as Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar, contact, case, and matter management, group task management, and document management with versioning.

With MyCase, you can enter time, create PDF bills, and collect payments online. You can also manage trust accounts and set up recurring payments for repeating tasks or to keep retainers topped off.

What Else Should You Know?
MyCase works in all major desktop and smartphone Web browsers. It costs $39 per month per lawyer, and $29 per month per non-lawyer. Learn more about MyCase v2.0.

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