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DocMoto: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, April 20, 2012

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a document management system (see article below), a task manager, an all-in-one PC, an email management program, and a personal knowledge management program. Don't miss the next issue.

Checking the Document Management Box

It's an Apple world in which lawyers increasingly live now that the company offers everything a law firm needs. Right? Let's see. Computers that can run the two dominant operating systems? Check. Desktop programs for word processing, email, presentations, and spreadsheets? Check (or Microsoft Office if you prefer). The world's best-selling smartphone? Check. The world's best-selling tablet? Check? The largest library of mobile apps? Check. A trustworthy cloud service for syncing contacts and calendars? Check. A multiuser document management system? Uh-oh. A new product can help you check that last box.

DocMoto … in One Sentence
Released earlier this year, CHLSoftware's DocMoto 2.5 is a document management system that runs on Mac OS X.

The Killer Feature
Document management systems typically work best when people start from within them for each document they create. Some document management systems enforce profile creation even when a document is created outside the system, but this scenario suggests a workflow failure.

DocMoto enables you to create templates for all the documents you typically create from simple letters to complex agreements and briefs. Using templates ensures that all documents resides in DocMoto. You can create simple blank templates for each of the programs you use in your firm to ensure compliance.

Other Notable Features
DocoMoto features a three-pane interface similar to that of an email program with folders and subfolders on the left, the contents of the selected folder on the top right, and information about the selected document on the bottom right. You can move documents created outside of the system into DocMoto by dropping them into a folder or folder window. You can tag documents with client/matter and other information.

When you work on documents, DocMoto automatically checks them out (which locks out other users), and then check them back in when you finish. You can have DocMoto create a new version each time a document is changed. DocMoto also creates an audit trail listing author and modifications.

You can search for documents by metadata or their content and save searches. DocMoto can notify you about watched folders and documents.

For complex workflows, you can create scripts that work in conjunction with templates. For example, a lawsuit script might create a new matter folder and create all the necessary documents for initiating a lawsuit.

What Else Should You Know?
Security settings enable you to restrict access to documents as well as grant access to clients and others outside your firm (clients can download files via a web browser). Learn more about DocMoto.

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