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MyCase: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a cloud billing and practice management system that integrates with QuickBooks (see article below), a collaborative whiteboard iPad app, an iPad app for optical character recognition and translations, and a cloud document assembly application. Don't miss the next issue.


In the beginning, developers of cloud practice management systems had to persuade law firms not to worry about data security and uptime. With these concerns now largely a non-issue, especially among solos and small firms, these companies can focus on matching the functionality of traditional practice management systems. Starting from scratch with 20/20 hindsight gives these companies the advantage creating only essential features. One such feature is QuickBooks integration.

MyCase … in One Sentence
MyCase is a cloud billing and practice management system that as of last week now integrates with QuickBooks.

The Killer Feature

To its credit, MyCase seems to have sweated the details when creating its new QuickBooks Sync. Legal technology journalist Robert Ambrogi described it "a more robust and seamless QuickBooks integration than other practice-management platforms offer."

MyCase handles all financial aspects of your practice except accounting — time and expense entries, bill creation, online bill payment, and trust accounting. With one click of the QuickBooks button you can send all of this data or selected data to QuickBooks. You can also set up automatic synchronization for client information and trust account transactions.

There's no need to manually export or import data. Also, the unidirectional synchronization eliminates the possibility of duplicate entries. Unlike some other products, there's no additional monthly fee for QuickBooks Sync.

"QuickBooks is the top-rated small business accounting software, so it's no surprise that we share many of the same law firm customers," General Manager and VP of MyCase Matt Spiegel told us. "We've taken the time to develop this integration seamlessly to ensure that we provide what our customers need to help them simplify their workflow and better serve their clients."

Other Notable Features

Also new is MyCase's Workflow technology, which ensures consistency and prevents you from missing deadlines through task automation. For example, you can create templates for your client intake process to ensure that all new clients pass a conflicts check and receive and sign an engagement letter. Workflows can crunch numbers so you can also use it for connected tasks with time-based triggers such as court filings. Thus, MyCase can place all deadlines for a matter on your calendar, and automatically adjust them if one of them changes.

As we reported in 2011, MyCase reinvented the client portal by making it work like a Facebook-style social network rather than a clunky extranet. Its features include secure communications, secure document sharing, and bill payment. MyCase also provides threaded discussions for use internally, not just with clients.

Other key features include client- and matter-based contact, document, and task management, shared calendars, and document assembly.

What Else Should You Know?

In addition to using MyCase in a desktop or mobile web browser, you can also use the iOS app on your iPad and iPhone. MyCase costs $39 per month per lawyer, and $29 per month per non-lawyer user. Learn more about MyCase.

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