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PeopleMap on WestlawNext: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, February 28, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a new public records research service that includes material from social media and integrates with Google Maps (see article below), a metadata removal utility, an Android app for working with Microsoft Office and PDF documents, and an on-demand narration service for creating audio recordings of your client memos and other articles. Don't miss the next issue.


Public records research has long posed a challenge for lawyers because information exists in a wide variety of sources, some more trustworthy than others. While online public records research can save you from physical travel, locating someone can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Additionally, researching public records often occurs within a larger legal research workflow. A new service enables you to perform all your research in one place.

PeopleMap on WestlawNext … in One Sentence

Launched this month, Thomson Reuters' PeopleMap on WestlawNext (PeopleMap) is a public records research tool that enables you to quickly locate relevant information about people and their connections to assets, entities, and other people.

The Killer Feature

PeopleMap enables you to search public records as part of a global search on WestlawNext, which means you'll find relevant public records results along with case law, statutes, and other primary research. This integration eliminates the need to go elsewhere for your legal research.

Other Notable Features

PeopleMap has many new features for finding and analyzing public records. For example, it now integrates with Google Maps. You can use Street View to see what a property of interest looks like. You'll also find information from the web related to the person you're researching, including material from blogs, chat rooms, and social networks, as well as photos and business data. As always, you'll find all names associated with a person (AKAs) and entities (DBAs), current and previous addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, assets, and much more.

The new Advanced Search template enables you to search by name, social security number, telephone number, business information, and/or location. You'll find 25 other search templates in addition to this one. You can save the search templates you use most frequently to your Favorites for fast access.

PeopleMap leverages WestlawNext's relevancy ranking technology, which lists the most pertinent results to the top of your search result list. Filtering tools enable you to further focus on the information you seek. The Update feature provides real-time information on an individual such as their most current telephone number and street address.

An enhanced graphical view displays non-obvious connections that you may not know about. This is the feature behind PeopleMap's name. One click toggles between the two different views. From either view, you can explore entities connected to the person you're researching, and from there documents and other data connected to these entities.

What Else Should You Know?

When you complete your research, you can generate a report with the relevant information. You can choose from one of two report templates or create and save your own template. You can save reports with a time stamp so that you can see what has changed when you update the report in the future. Learn more about PeopleMap on WestlawNext.

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