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Primafact: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers software that helps litigation boutiques and practice groups organize all case-related documents (see article below), note-taking software from Microsoft for the Mac, transcript management software, and trial management software. Don't miss the next issue.


For decades, litigators and their teams have organized case-related documents in specialized binder systems from the likes of Bindertek and Redweld. While excellent in their heyday, these paper-based organizational systems have serious drawbacks today. If opposing counsel has gone paperless and you haven't, it's like trying to win a race against a 2014 Ferrari California with a 1966 Ferrari California.

Primafact … in One Sentence

Sandcat Software's Primafact is litigation-specific paperless office software designed to give you immediate access to case documents.

The Killer Feature

Litigation always consists of a mix of your work product, evidence, legal research, and records such as court orders and correspondence. While the amount of paper has diminished, it hasn't disappeared.

Primafact integrates with software such as Outlook and connects to scanners so that you can keep all litigation documents in the software for immediate, portable access.

Primafact's workflows aim to address the two chief problems that prevent law firms from going paperless — unreliable document input and poor interface design.

Primafact works as fast as your scanner to address the first hurdle. Thanks to direct routing, your staff can name, tag, and file scanned and imported documents into the appropriate matter. This ensures that Primafact contains all case-related documents.

A binder-style interface makes the software seem familiar to those still using the paper-based systems noted above. Primafact also features Google-style searching for those more comfortable with searching rather than browsing. You can take a case file from Primafact with you on a laptop and use it offline in settings such as airplanes and courtrooms. You can synchronize any changes when you return to your office network.

Other Notable Features

To facilitate full-text searching, Primafact has built-in OCR technology for your scans. The ability to add non-destructive annotations to documents in Primafact further enhances the search functionality.

Within a matter, you can create special-purpose binders such as for a brief, deposition, settlement meeting, trial, etc. that contain only the pertinent documents. The "Publish" feature enables you to share one or more documents, including special-purpose binders, with third parties.

"Going paperless is a fundamental shift for a document-heavy litigation practice," Sandcat Software CEO Karim Jinnah told us. "Primafact's comprehensive approach ensures that staff can easily capture and organize documents. The big payback is instant access to your case documents."

What Else Should You Know?

Primafact runs on Windows. Companion apps for the iPad and for Windows 8 tablets are in beta testing. Learn more about Primafact.

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