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MetaJure: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers document management software that automatically indexes your documents and email regardless of their source (see article below), a Bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad Air 2, software for creating visual documentation such as software training guides, and a task manager for iOS. Don't miss the next issue.


An arms race exists in law firms to keep pace with the growth of documents and email. Manual systems may work for a diligent solo but don't scale. Document management systems scale but are not completely automated (e.g., document profiles). And no search software exists specifically for the legal industry. Well, until now.

MetaJure … in One Sentence

MetaJure is automated document management and document search software designed by lawyers for the needs of law firms and legal departments.

The Killer Feature

MetaJure eschews manual document profiles and tags in favor of automation and search. It automatically captures and indexes all email and attachments, work product (documents you create in Word and other programs), and scans. MetaJure CEO Rob Arnold tells us that even law firms with a document management system tend to capture only half of their content versus MetaJure's ability to capture 100%.

Connecting to every program law firms use would be impossible. Instead, MetaJure connects at the hard drive level much like an operating system. This means you can point MetaJure at new data sources such as computers brought into your firm via a client, lateral hire, merger, etc.

MetaJure integrates with ScanSnap scanners. Thanks to the ISIS standard, it also integrates with virtually all other scanners. MetaJure uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to make scanned documents editable and searchable.

"The powerful automation used to store and retrieve the world's knowledge on the web is the gold standard for document management," says Arnold. "Why should lawyers accept anything less inside their law firms? MetaJure eliminates the need for lawyers to be administrative clerks. It also reduces the risk of noncompliance with record retention rules, a leading cause of malpractice claims according to the ABA Standing Committee on Professional Liability."

Other Notable Features

MetaJure offers a Google-like search experience. This means that you can enter natural language searches, and rely on MetaJure to interpret what you mean. If you want more control, you can take advantage of advanced features such as Boolean operators, fuzzy logic (similar spelling), proximity (exact phrases, words and phrases within a specified distance of one another, etc.), and wildcards (similar words). No matter how you search, you can filter your results by document location, file type, and the creation date.

MetaJure is agnostic regarding other document management software. It works with NetDocuments, Worldox, and other profile-based document management systems. You point MetaJure at these data stores just as you would a hard drive. Similarly, Active Directory integration enables MetaJure to index documents in homegrown SharePoint solutions as well as in Microsoft's forthcoming Matter Center. "There's no expensive conversion to pull in legacy data from various repositories," says Arnold.

What Else Should You Know?

It copies all the documents and email it captures onto this server for both redundancy and speed. This means you can also use MetaJure as part of your document retention policy. You and your colleagues access the server via the free MetaJure client software. You can try MetaJure free for 30 days. Learn more about MetaJure.

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