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WordPerfect Office X7 Legal Edition: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, October 9, 2014

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an office suite that includes software for automating tables of authorities (see article below), an iOS email app compatible with most email protocols and services, an iOS law dictionary app that works inside other apps, an iOS app for organizing paper stickie notes (not a joke). Don't miss the next issue.


Software is unpredictable regarding its ability to upend the status quo. However, it follows a predictable path. Multi-functional software such as a word processor renders single-purpose utilities obsolete. This process is now playing out regarding products to create tables of authorities.

WordPerfect Office X7 Legal Edition … in One Sentence

Launched recently, Corel's WordPerfect Office X7 Legal Edition is an office suite that now includes Perfect Authority (normally $199.99), which automates the creation of tables of authorities.

The Killer Feature

Perfect Authority works with citations in Bluebook, California Style Manual, Florida Rule 9.800, and Louisiana Public Domain formats. You need not manually mark citations as Perfect Authority finds them unassisted.

You can place the table of authorities you generate in your current document or create a separate document. Either way, you can update the table of authorities as often as necessary. When placed in the same document, the table of authorities can contain a page number hyperlinks.

Perfect Authority's Option Sets enable you to create, save, and apply settings for citation type, dot leaders, fonts, margins, Passim, sorting, and more. You can create multiple Option Sets for different courts, document types, etc. The Dictionary Editor further enhances automation by storing short-forms and legal terms with the correct capitalization and spelling.

"Perfect Authority was developed and integrated into WordPerfect Office as a result of numerous requests from our loyal users," Corel Executive Vice President of Graphics & Productivity Nick Davies told us. "The automatic creation of tables of authorities from within WordPerfect saves lawyers and their teams a significant amount of time."

Other Notable Features

Because the PDF format has become essential to law practice, Corel has enhanced the PDF capabilities in WordPerfect. For example, you can now create PDF forms, import PDF documents and edit them, save documents in PDF or PDF/A formats, and apply security settings.

The new Favorites features facilitates quick access to frequently-used documents and enables you to open several documents simultaneously. The enhanced Macro Manger contains several new macros.

Other improved features include Bates numbering, metadata removal, redaction, optical disc burning (via Roxio), and of course the perennially popular Reveal Codes. BrainStorm training videos help you get up to speed.

What Else Should You Know?

WordPerfect Office X7 Legal Edition costs $349.99. Those eligible can upgrade for $224.99. Corel offers discounts via many bar associations. You can try it for free. Learn more about WordPerfect Office X7 Legal Edition.

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