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Soda PDF 7: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers PDF software available in four different versions depending on the needs of each individual in your law firm (see article below), a private cloud service for law firms, a contacts manager that integrates with the major email services and social networks, and a cost recovery add-on that prevents printer security mishaps and waste. Don't miss the next issue.


PDF software has become as essential as word processing software in law firms with one key difference. A much larger choice of PDF software exists, which makes it more likely you can find a product that suits your firm's needs. Even better, you can find a product that suits the needs of each person in your firm. That's the goal of a company taking a modular approach to PDF software.

Soda PDF 7 … in One Sentence

LULU Software's Soda PDF 7 is a PDF application for Windows available in a variety of configurations at lower price points than Adobe Acrobat.

The Killer Feature

Soda PDF comes in four versions — Standard Package ($59), Professional Package ($99), PRO + OCR Package ($129), and Business Edition ($139). You can purchase any combination of licenses online or over the phone depending on the various needs of the lawyers and staff at your firm. Prices drop at 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200+ licenses. The Business Edition includes all possible features. Each version includes technical support. LULU Software ships a new version of Soda PDF each year. An optional maintenance plan enables you to upgrade to new versions at a lower cost.

Other Notable Features

All four versions of Soda PDF enable you to create, view, and edit PDF and PDF/A documents, apply Bates stamps, and convert PDF documents into Microsoft Office, plain text, and HTML formats. Soda PDF integrates with scanners and can also take screenshots.

The Professional Package adds review tools for commenting, highlighting, and document comparison. Other features include tools for creating forms and importing data (including invoice creation from your billing system), securing documents with encryption and a 256-bit password, and digitally and securely signing documents.

As its name suggests, the PRO + OCR Package enables you to make scanned and other image PDF documents editable and searchable via optical character recognition technology powered by industry leader I.R.I.S. You can automatically apply OCR when scanning documents. The Batch Recognition feature can convert a large number of documents unattended.

The Business Edition adds an Outlook plugin for email archiving, redaction, PDF to PDF/A conversion, enhanced digital signatures, online PDF creation from any device, and premium support. LULU Software offers a datasheet comparing the Business Edition to Adobe Acrobat Professional.

What Else Should You Know?

The company's complimentary Enterprise Management Console helps you centrally deploy Soda PDF throughout your firm and manage your licenses. If an employee leaves, you can use it to reassign a license to someone else. You can try Soda PDF for free. Learn more about Soda PDF 7.

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