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By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers software that automatically captures your billable time across desktop and mobile devices and integrates with popular billing systems (see article below), an add-on that enhances paragraph numbering in Microsoft Word, an app that enables you to add client intake forms to your website, and a combination case and stand for the iPad Air 2. Don't miss the next issue.


Most lawyers spend most of their billable time using a computer of some sort — Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. Yet most of these lawyers still use old school methods of tracking their time. This is highly disruptive to your workflow, especially the deep thinking required in law practice. Given that your devices can track time, you can bridge this gap with an app that works on all the platforms you use, and which ties into your billing software. Time Capture … in One Sentence

Launching this week, Time Capture automatically captures your billable time on your smartphone, computer, and tablet, and integrates with popular billing systems.

The Killer Feature consists of two components — native apps that automatically (passively) track the time you spend on your devices, and a web application for configuration and reviewing all the time captured.

The creators of recognize that lawyers now work in a multi-device world. Accordingly, out of the gate, offers tracking apps for Windows, iPhone, and Android with an iPad app shipping later this month.

The company also recognizes that law firms increasingly prefer the cloud to maintaining their own servers. There's nothing to install other than the applicable tracking apps. encrypts all the data it captures, and uses a 256-bit SSL connection between its data center and your devices.

" is revolutionizing how lawyers capture their time," President Michael Bluestein tells us. "We provide an automated approach so that a user doesn't have to manually enter their time. We also automatically create time entries to save time and reduce unnecessary tasks. Whether you charge by the hour or offer fixed fees, can help you to determine the exact cost and profitability of each client."

Other Notable Features

On your PC, tracks the time you spend in each email message in Outlook and in each document in Word. Listing each message subject and document title enables you to later identify the corresponding client and matter. also tracks the amount of time you spend in other applications. Periodically, prompts you via a dialog box to assign the time it collects to a client and matter. You can combine or delete time entries in this dialog box. works similarly on your iPhone or Android phone. It prompts you after each telephone call. Using the email app enables you to automatically capture the time you spend in every email message.

Periodically, you'll log into your account in the web app to edit and post your time entries. The manner in which you post entries depends on which product you use for billing. For example, cloud products like Clio integrate directly with Desktop products like PCLaw require the company's Sync app.

What Else Should You Know?

Other features include activity and task code support, and mileage and print tracking. starts at $20 per timekeeper per month. Those who don't bill their time such as an office manager who finalizes invoices and sends them to clients can use for free. Learn more about

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