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LegalWorks: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a cloud document management system that integrates with Microsoft Outlook for email capture (see article below), a utility for organizing your desktop, a SharePoint add-on for creating customized notifications, and an app to feed your need for more apps. Don't miss the next issue.


Document management seems more like an aspiration in many law firms rather than a reality. In particular, email has become an important if not the most important document type. Some law firms just resign themselves to email being in a silo, whereas others engage in a lot of manual labor to save relevant email messages and attachments in client/matter folders on a file server alongside related documents. Law firms clearly need a better solution.

LegalWorks … in One Sentence

Uptime Legal's LegalWorks is a cloud document management system that includes email via integration with Outlook.

The Killer Feature

Regardless of whether you use Office locally or virtually, the LegalWorks Outlook add-on brings email into the document management fold. Once installed, the add-on displays your LegalWorks matters in a pane on the right side of Outlook. When you drag and drop email messages into a folder, they remain in Outlook but also become available in LegalWorks — including any attachments.

The Outlook add-on also synchronizes your Outlook calendars with the firm-wide calendar in LegalWorks. Later when using LegalWorks you'll find all the email and calendar events related to a client and matter alongside other related data such as documents, notes, and tasks.

"LegalWorks was developed to fill the void expressed by our law firm clients, Uptime Legal CEO Dennis Dimka tells us. "The Outlook add-in helps legal professionals keep all of their documents, including email, in organized client and matter folders."

Other Notable Features

Because of its modern HTML5 underpinnings, LegalWorks runs within any desktop or mobile browser. Also, it functions like desktop software. For example you need not download Microsoft Word and other documents before working on them. Instead, just locate a document in LegalWorks, open it, work on it, save your changes, and close it when finished (you can create new versions too).

Other features include firm-wide contact and task management, and hosted Microsoft Exchange. LegalWorks resides in data centers in the United States that have earned SAS 70 and the newer SSAE 16 certifications for availability, redundancy, and security.

What Else Should You Know?

LegalWorks costs $59 per user per month. Uptime Legal sets up and migrates your documents, contacts, and matters to LegalWorks for a fixed fee. You can mirror your existing folder system or start fresh. Learn more about LegalWorks.

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