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Uptime Practice: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a private cloud service designed for law firms on which you can run any desktop software (see article below), a gadget of sorts for voir dire, a Bluetooth iPad stylus, and a hybrid Windows tablet. Don't miss the next issue.


Servers are selling like hotcakes — but not to law firms. With the growth of the cloud, data centers can't get enough of them. Meanwhile, law firms don't want to manage servers anymore. There's no joy in it, just headaches and heartache. Fortunately, you can run your favorite desktop applications in the cloud nowadays. Because of ethical considerations, you need to choose your provider carefully.

Uptime Practice … in One Sentence

Uptime Legal's Uptime Practice is a private cloud designed specifically for law firms on which you can run any Windows or Mac client/server and desktop software.

The Killer Feature

Uptime Legal coined the term "Law Practice as a Service" or LPaaS to refer to its service. This terms underscores two differentiators vis-a-vis other hosting options.

First, Uptime Legal uses multiple data centers, all of which reside in the United States. Second, while Uptime Practice accommodates any software, the company has expertise with popular legal-specific products such as Amicus Attorney, Needles, PCLaw, PracticeMaster, ProLaw, Tabs3, Time Matters, and WorldDox.

"Uptime Practice is designed exclusively for law firms to ensure business continuity, practice efficiency, and reduce out-of-pocket costs," Uptime Legal CEO Dennis Dimka tells us. "Eliminating the burden of acquiring, maintaining, monitoring, and replacing hardware while retaining the software needed to run their law firm helps legal professionals provide better service to their clients."

Other Notable Features

Uptime Practice works on any desktop or mobile computer, including Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones. After you login, your virtual desktop becomes indistinguishable from your local desktop.

Uptime Practice integrates with your existing printers and scanners. Both attached and network devices appear within your virtual desktop as if your software were running locally. This means you can scan to a local or virtual folder, local or virtual desktop, and email.

You won't need to bring everything with you. Uptime Practice includes the current version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange for your email with unlimited calendars, storage, and technical support. Uptime Practice also includes Uptime Lync, a secure instant messaging system based on Skype for Business. This trio of Microsoft products eliminates the hassle of buying a license or navigating Microsoft's Office 365 offerings.

What Else Should You Know?

Uptime Practice costs $189 per user per month for 3-5 users, $149 per user per month for 6-14 users, and $129 per user per month for 15 or more users. Learn more about Uptime Practice.

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