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Everlaw: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, May 7, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a cloud application for reviewing and producing discovery documents (see article below), practice management software with integrated document assembly, a time-tracking app for the Apple Watch and iPhone, and a metadata removal utility. Don't miss the next issue.


"Email is just a fad. Facebook, despite its 40% operating margin, is doomed. I can get everything I need from a well-coached party in a deposition." This is what litigators who fear technology say to themselves. On the other hand, smart litigators like you realize that the most fruitful discovery resides in email, social media, text messages, voicemail, etc.

Everlaw … in One Sentence

Everlaw is cloud discovery review software with tools that automate the process of finding relevant documents.

The Killer Feature

Before Google, you learned how to create complex Boolean search queries. Nowadays, you expect Google-like parsing of your intent.

Everlaw eliminates the need to memorize Boolean syntax. Instead, its Blink-Speed Search technology enables you to visually build searches by dragging the available operators into your query. Everlaw offers Boolean operators such as AND and OR. It also offers document operators such as Bates numbers, and code operators such as legal issues and witness names.

Other Notable Features

Everlaw offers a customizable dashboard through which you can assess the status of the various cases you manage. Reports help you stay on deadline and within budget. For example, Everlaw predicts when your team will complete document review based on the pace to date and the number and type of documents. You can also track the accuracy and speed of your team. This enables you to correct errors on-the-fly, and provide feedback for increased consistency.

If you find yourself confronting a large document set, Everlaw's Prediction Engine can guide you to relevant documents based on the documents you already reviewed. The more documents you review, the more accurate Everlaw becomes. You can further refine the results by limiting them to specific legal issues.

When you run a search, Everlaw's Context Panel lists related documents, including duplicates. Accordingly, you can batch code a group of documents instead of just one at a time. The Context Panel groups email messages and attachments by thread to further streamline your review.

Everlaw's Native Viewer eliminates the need to convert documents into PDF or TIFF format. Instead, you can view them as they would look in the original software. When preparing for a deposition, settlement conference, or trial, the StoryBuilder feature enables you to collect the documents you want to use.

What Else Should You Know?

Everlaw works in all major web browsers. You can export production sets in popular load file formats. You pay a monthly fee for the amount of storage you use. This single fee includes setup, unlimited cases and users, printing and exporting, and training. Everlaw doesn't require a contract beyond one month at a time. Learn more about Everlaw.

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