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Inbox by Gmail: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Monday, June 1, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers an app that uses machine learning to help you manage your email (see article below), an iPhone app that tracks your time at different locations, metadata removal software, and a stand for the Apple Watch. Don't miss the next issue.


You may not use Gmail, but Gmail explains why you have virtually unlimited storage, can search your email on the web, and rarely receive spam. Email before Gmail was like mobile phones before the iPhone. Never a company to rest on its laurels, Google now seeks to reinvent email again.

Inbox by Gmail … in One Sentence

Launched last week, Google's Inbox by Gmail is an email client that uses machine learning to automate routine tasks.

The Killer Feature

Transactional email messages often contain just a few key informational tidbits of interest that you have to hunt for because of a poor design or unwanted upselling. Inbox by Gmail enables you to obtain key information from these messages without opening them.

For example, when an order ships and a retailer sends you an email message, Inbox by Gmail displays the retailer, order description, and a tracking link rather than just the subject line. Just click the tracking link to find out when you can expect delivery. Similarly, Inbox by Gmail unearths key information from travel-related messages such as your flight number and check-in link.

Other Notable Features

Email nerds like to group similar messages together in folders or with labels. Inbox by Gmail automatically groups transactional messages into three "Bundles" — Promos, Purchases, and Trips — that obviate the need to open these messages. You can also create your own custom Bundles that follow rules you set up.

Inbox by Gmail contains a built-in task manager. You can convert an email message into a task and append a note. You can also create one-time or recurring reminders unrelated to email messages. Reminders appear at the top of your inbox. The Assists feature offers to help you with reminders if it can use data from your account or the web. You can also list your Google Keep and Google Now reminders in Inbox by Gmail.

This being a Google product, you can search your messages. You can snooze messages so that they reappear in your inbox later when you're ready to handle them or when you're at a certain location. You can view these messages anytime in the Snoozed list. If you choose "Someday," the app moves them to the Someday list.

What Else Should You Know?

Inbox by Gmail has a feature that all email clients should "borrow" — it delays sending messages for a few seconds and offers you an Undo button in case you forgot something, misaddressed the message, or have second thoughts. Inbox by Gmail is free. You can use it on the web as well as in the native Android and iPhone apps. Currently limited to consumer Gmail accounts, support for Google Apps for Work is en route. Learn more about Inbox by Gmail.

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