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Pathagoras On Cloud: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers cloud document assembly software with a built-in word processor designed for automating legal documents (see article below), an online marketing service for lawyers willing to review contracts for a flat fee, a secure portal for sharing documents with clients, and a legal dictionary app for iPad and iPhone. Don't miss the next issue.


Like all technologies, document assembly has become accessible to law firms of all sizes thanks to advancements in computer power and software design. However, document assembly software has lagged behind other types of legal software in the migration to the cloud because of the complex setup typically required not to mention the need for a word processor.

Pathagoras On Cloud … in One Sentence

Launched this week, ISPV's Pathagoras On Cloud is a cloud document automation system.

The Killer Feature

Pathagoras On Cloud features a browser-based word processor designed for document automation. It runs in desktop and mobile web browsers, including Android, iPad, Mac, and Windows.

You can either create documents from scratch or upload templates in Word format. Either way, you can store an unlimited number of templates and documents in your account using a traditional folder system. You can sync your Pathagoras On Cloud folders with folders on your desktop computer (Windows available now, Mac soon).

"We listened, and have finally made our 'plain text' approach to document automation available to a larger audience," ISPV Founder and Chief Programmer Roy Lasris tells us. "With the launch of Pathagoras On Cloud, anyone anywhere from any device can create transactional and other documents for their clients. Like Pathagoras 'on Earth,' Pathagoras On Cloud doesn't require any programming skills."

Other Notable Features

The core tools of Pathagoras On Cloud consist of Variables and Conditional Text. Variables substitute client-specific data throughout a document (e.g., client name). Conditional Text ranges from words, phrases, and clauses to whole paragraphs that you choose to include or omit. You create Variables by enclosing your own descriptive text in brackets, while you create Conditional Text by enclosing text within curly braces. Hence, the billing of Pathagoras On Cloud as using plain keyboard characters with which legal professionals are already familiar.

The Instant Database in Pathagoras On Cloud stores all the data required by your documents. Customizable fields enable you to enter anything you'll need in a document.

Unique to Pathagoras On Cloud according to Lasris is live testing -- editing and reviewing occur in the same environment. This obviates having to process your document periodically to ensure the desired output. Instead, you can preview your document as you draft with changes instantly displayed.

When you complete a document, you can download, store, and email it in Word, PDF, or plain text formats.

What Else Should You Know?

If you use the desktop version of Pathagoras, you can transfer your templates and instant database records to Pathagoras On Cloud to minimize setup. Pathagoras On Cloud costs $30 per month for the first user and $10 per month for each additional user. Discounts exist for volume purchases and also for Pathagoras desktop users. You can try Pathagoras On Cloud free for 30 days. Learn more about Pathagoras On Cloud.

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