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AccessData Summation 6.0: Read Our Exclusive Report

By Neil J. Squillante | Thursday, December 3, 2015

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers software for all phases of the post-collection discovery process that you can use on demand only when needed (see article below), a Mac practice management app with cloud syncing, an app for using two web pages side by side on an iPad, and a cloud practice management app that offers analytics your business. Don't miss the next issue.


The faster lawyers can start reviewing their clients' potential evidence the better. Nowadays, this means streamlining the collection and processing of electronically stored information (ESI), and seamlessly moving it into a document review platform. This workflow should be accessible to cases of all sizes, not just mega cases. The new version of a popular product addresses this need.

AccessData Summation 6.0 … in One Sentence

Launched recently, AccessData Summation 6.0 is a browser-based document review platform powered by the same technology as the company's highly regarded Forensic Toolkit (FTK).

The Killer Feature

Summation's new "multi-tenant" technology means your team can access Summation on demand from a service provider as needed. The enhanced administrative tools enables users to manage their own accounts in a secure environment, including setup, usage details, data uploading, processing, and production.

Speaking of getting a new case started, Summation's new LawDrop works like Dropbox, enabling you to upload data by dragging and dropping it. Once loaded, anyone on your team with the appropriate privileges can access it from anywhere.

"Enabling 24/7 on-demand access to Summation addresses a critical need for our customers," VP of Product Management Nadine Weiskopf tells us. "Today's solutions tend to focus on the largest 3 percent of cases. Summation meets the needs of the remaining 97 percent. Law firms need a more affordable way to do this discovery, and hosting providers need a reliable platform to provide it on, that is affordable yet still provides the functionality their clients demand."

Other Notable Features

Often cited by courts, FTK is a leading tool for collecting and processing ESI in a forensically sound manner. The new version of Summation shares the same database as FTK. This eliminates the need to move data when the investigatory phase ends and document review begins. Fewer "data hops" reduce the risk of error during review and spoliation in the chain of custody. The shared audit log enables Summation users to monitor activity in FTK and vice versa. (FTK is sold separately and not required to use Summation.)

AccessData bills Summation as the only web-based platform that combines all post-collection phases of the ediscovery process — including import of native and image files, early case assessment, case analysis, and transcript management and annotations — into a single, integrated solution.

The document review portion has a number of new capabilities. The Browser Briefcase enables you to view multiple documents simultaneously rather than one at a time like many competing products. You can also split and merge documents. New column options provide additional information about each document such as encryption, modifications, OCR, embedded notes, hidden content, track changes, last printed date, and time spent on revisions.

What Else Should You Know?

Other new features include additional language capabilities for the built-in OCR software, faster generation of reports, and improved notes within the Case Organizer. Learn more about AccessData Summation 6.0.

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