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Amicus Premium 2016 Offers a Desktop Experience From Any Device

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, February 26, 2016

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers a practice management system that offers a desktop experience in your web browser (see article below), an online backup service with Dropbox-like functionality, a NetDocuments add-on for electronic signatures, and an iOS app for tracking packages. Don't miss the next issue.

Practice management software resides at the center of your practice. However, your practice is not always centered at your office. Therefore, it has become essential for practice management software to travel with you — but without you giving up any functionality.

Amicus Attorney Premium 2016 … in One Sentence

Launched recently, Gavel & Gown Software's Amicus Attorney Premium 2016 is a popular practice management system with a new focus on remote access.

The Killer Feature

The new version of Amicus Premium offers full access from any web browser, including on Windows, Mac, and iPad. Your firm's data remains on-premise at your firm.

Amicus Premium in the browser offers the same features as the core Windows program with an optimized user experience. For example, on an iPad interaction elements are sized for fingers rather than a mouse pointer. When you login, the main dashboard displays appointments, telephone messages, unbilled activity and unposted time entries, tasks and deadlines, and a tip.

Other Notable Features

During a demo, Gavel & Gown president Ron Collins said that law firms want to reduce the number of products they need to buy and manage. To this end, Amicus Premium offers significantly enhanced document management. New features include versioning so that you never lose any work, preview and zoom for viewing documents in hundreds of formats, and check-in/out for preventing changes while you work on a document.

Searches list the current version of documents by default, but you can also search prior versions. With Amicus Premium's famous "Do" button, you can now launch Word, time your work, and save the document to the appropriate matter. Integrations with Microsoft Office further enable you to capture all email and documents in Amicus Premium.

Gavel & Gown also lavished a lot of attention on communications. Amicus Premium now groups calls, email, and internal messages. Related features include rules-based auto-filing, and a filter for finding messages by date, matter, to/from, etc. Integration with Office 365 and Exchange powers the email functionality.

A new Client Portal with your firm's logo and letterhead enables you to exchange secure messages with clients, have clients complete forms for documents, and share documents.

Other new features include improved mass billing, support for LEDES billing formats, client receipts, an Apple-like installer, and automatic updates. In all, you'll find more than 35 new features plus of course the core practice management functions — contacts, calendars, matters, billing, notes, research, etc.

"Amicus Premium 2016 is packed with features and enhancements to help legal professionals stay ahead of the ever evolving demands being placed on them," says Collins. "We focused on simplifying workflows, saving our users valuable time while equipping them with the necessary tools to beat the competition."

What Else Should You Know?

Amicus Premium supports Office 2016 and Windows 10 as well as earlier versions. Pricing starts at $849 with upgrades at $649. Learn more about Amicus Attorney Premium 2016.

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