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Digital Discovery Pro Empowers Corporate Counsel to Insource Ediscovery Processing and Review

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers ediscovery software designed to help corporate counsel assess disputes and conduct internal investigations more quickly and at a lower cost (see article below), an app that automatically reminds clients and others of appointments with you, a checklist app for your firm's workflows, and an iOS task management app. Don't miss the next issue.

Litigation budgets most often get blown in discovery. Corporate counsel can minimize costs by assessing disputes faster internally and culling the amount of data in the event the matter requires outside counsel. The same goes for internal investigations, subpoenas, and other potential budget busters.

Digital Discovery Pro … in One Sentence

Launched recently, Zapproved's Digital Discovery Pro is ediscovery processing and review software designed for corporate legal departments.

The Killer Feature

After creating a new matter in Digital Discovery Pro, you add users and ingest the data at issue. Digital Discovery Pro processes this data at a rate greater than one terabyte per hour. Additionally, you need not wait until processing ends, but can instead begin reviewing documents as soon as they're ready — often less than 30 seconds. By contrast, traditional ediscovery software can take weeks to process one terabyte. CEO and Founder Monica Enand tells us that Zapproved achieved this speed breakthrough by combining its software prowess with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform (Zapproved is an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner).

The use of AWS has an additional benefit — Digital Discovery Pro costs at least 65% less than competing services according to Enand. A subscription includes unlimited storage, exports, and technical support.

"With Digital Discovery Pro, we've broken three important barriers to corporate legal teams processing their own data for discovery: speed, ease and cost," says Enand. "The software was designed with the needs of corporate legal in mind so it's easy to use. Economies of scale gives us the ability to be compellingly affordable and predictable with our price, making it easy for organizations to right size their solution to data volumes big or small."

Other Notable Features

Digital Discovery Pro has four major components, each of which has a tab at the top of the screen — Dashboard, Ingest, Review, and Exports.

As Digital Discovery Pro processes data, the results appear on the Dashboard — number of duplicates and NIST files, document types, documents per custodian, etc. Charts enable you to visualize the data. As you review documents, the dashboard keeps you apprised of your progress. Ingest contains an audit trail of imports.

You'll spend most of your time in Review. Tools include search, saved searches, search history, document preview, native view, and bulk tagging. You can conduct natural language searches or enter queries such as Boolean and proximity.

Digital Discovery Pro enables you to export all data or a subset using parameters such as custodian, reviewer, tags, saved searches, etc. You can export in any load file format so that outside counsel can review the data.

What Else Should You Know?

Digital Discovery Pro integrates with sibling products Legal Hold Pro and Data Collect Pro. Legal Hold Pro helps you automate legal holds and make them defensible. Data Collect Pro copies data from computers, cloud storage accounts, social media, etc. in a forensically sound manner. Learn more about Digital Discovery Pro.

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