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BlueStylus Seeks to Offer the Best Value in Cloud Billing Software

By Neil J. Squillante | Friday, May 6, 2016

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers cloud billing software that might have the lowest price in its category (see article below), a service that enables you to connect cloud apps to create automated workflows, a social media scheduling app, and an iOS calendar app. Don't miss the next issue.

When law firms look at their credit card statements, they see an increasing number of software subscriptions, one of which never comes under scrutiny — their Exchange email service. For this reason, when law firms consider adding another app to their workflow, they ask, "How much will it cost, and will it integrate with my email?"

BlueStylus … in One Sentence

Launched recently, BlueStylus is cloud billing software that also offers document sharing and email integration at a comparatively low price of $7 per user per month without an annual contract commitment.

The Killer Feature

BlueStylus connects directly to your inbox or any other folder in your Exchange email account. Once connected, it can automatically file your incoming and outgoing email and attachments in the corresponding matter.

This works by placing the matter number in the subject line or anywhere else in an email message. BlueStylus recognizes this matter number and files your message and any attachments. It then captures all future replies related to this initial message. You can also manually file email messages that don't have an embedded matter number.

Other Notable Features

Upon logging into your account, the main Dashboard lists key performance indicators such as revenue, matter distribution, a summary of billings per timekeeper, etc. You can drill down into any of these items.

The intake process for new matters automatically checks for conflicts and saves a report if needed someday. Along with your email, BlueStylus stores documents. You can see who uploaded a document and when. Other practice management features include automated workflows for sequential tasks that notify the next person in line, a calendar for matter-related events, and a client portal for securely sharing documents with clients.

Matters and timekeepers can have default billing rates. You enter time by using the timer or the quick entry form at the top of the Time dashboard. Either way, you can add a note to your time entries in addition to a billing code. The Time dashboard also lists your unbilled time such as events on the calendar, completed tasks, etc.

In accordance with your internal controls, invoices can require several approvals before they're printed or emailed. An interactive Aging Report enables you to email delinquent clients. When you get paid, you apply the payment so that BlueStylus matches your accounting system.

What Else Should You Know?

BlueStylus has an on-boarding process that walks you through all the key settings such as your firm name and logo, users and their billing rates, the invoice template you want to use, billing codes (UTBMS is an option), email credentials for sending invoices (works with any email address), active matters, etc. BlueStylus works in all desktop browsers. A mobile app for iOS and Android enables you to use BlueStylus on the go. Learn more about BlueStylus.

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