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YouLaw: Law Offices of Fern Trevino, Tips for Illinois Employees Who Are About to Be / Were Fired

By Gerry Oginski | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Watch the Video

TechnoScore: 4.5
1 = Lowest Possible Score; 5 = Highest Possible Score

This is an all-around excellent video from the Law Offices of Fern Trevino. Informative. Helpful. Educational. Precise. And did I say educational?

Fern Trevino knocks it out of the ballpark with this video discussing what you should and should not do if you think you might be fired. The graphics that are interspersed in the video are well done and pose questions that Trevino answers. Her general advice is confidence-inspiring. I did, however, deduct half a point for reasons discussed below.

Video Techniques

Lighting: Good front lighting. Soft background, tending toward a darkish and uneven lighting on the right side of the wall behind her. Tip: Make sure your background lighting is as even as possible. Otherwise, it may distract viewers.

Sound: Good. No problem.

Set: Attorney's office with a plant on the side and a diploma visible in the background. Trevino is conservatively dressed, wearing what appear to be pearl earrings and a small necklace.

Makeup: Appears natural.

Music: Nice pleasant introduction that fades deep into the background throughout the clip and then becomes audible again at the very end.

Length: 1:21 minutes. During this clip, Trevino gives a few key pieces of advice for anyone concerned about being wrongfully fired. The clip is tight and right on target.

Script: Appears natural, except for the occasional eye flicker that tells you she's reading (very well) from a teleprompter.

Performance: Very well done.

Sidebar: The sidebar is the best I have seen in any attorney video yet. It contains the most comprehensive text to complement a video. No typos. With this text, I can imagine having great search engine results- not just on the tags, but also on the content. Only one problem though. She fails to include her Web site address or even her phone number in the text. Nevertheless, she did include her contact info in her introduction and conclusion in the video clip, but if you don't want to watch the video again, you'd have to click over to her profile to see her contact info. That's too much work for most prospects. Make it easy.


I was ready to give Trevino 5 points for this video. However, two small items bothered me enough to deduct half point: (1) She uses an interview style in which she does not talk directly to the viewer. This is a useful technique when you are answering an interviewer's questions. However, I did notice the eye flicker while watching (I admit, I watched it 3 times to see it). It seemed a little unnatural to use the interview style together with the advice she was giving. I think looking at the camera straight-on would have worked better. (2) The fact that she has the best sidebar information I've seen but fails to include her contact information is perplexing. An oversight perhaps, but a significant one, since you don't want your viewers having to jump through hoops to contact you after watching an excellent video.

The Back Bench

Certified Family Law Specialist and online video producer Kelly Chang Rickert  says: "Excellent video! Professional, easy to understand, and to the point. I would hire this employment lawyer in a second — very nicely done! The background music is good too."

Lawyer, journalist, and legal media consultant Robert Ambrogi  says: "The attorney's demeanor, dress, and backdrop all convey professionalism. Effective use of text to underscore key points. All in all, professional in both appearance and tone."

TechnoLawyer publisher and online video producer Neil Squillante says: "It's refreshing to see a lawyer demonstrate her expertise rather than talk about herself. She needs to add her URL to the sidebar and promote the video (only 55 views so far)."

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