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Concordance Desktop Seeks to Make Ediscovery More Accessible

By Neil J. Squillante | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers ediscovery software for small-to-medium size litigation matters (see article below), a multifunction monochrome inkjet printer, speech recognition software for lawyers, and an email app that can send push notifications for even non-push accounts. Don't miss the next issue.

Discovery documents used to arrive with a thud — the sound of bankers boxes being unloaded from a hand truck. Today they're more likely to arrive via the dulcet tone of a Dropbox notification. Of course, this notification may not sound so sweet if you don't have ediscovery software.

Concordance Desktop … in One Sentence

Launched last month at LegalTech New York, LexisNexis' Concordance Desktop is an all-in-one ediscovery software suite for small-to-medium size litigation matters.

The Killer Feature

Concordance Desktop has a new input engine designed for do-it-yourself processing. The software can run on a relatively modest Windows PC, but thanks to its multicore, hyperthreaded architecture, you can increase processing speed with beefier hardware. Product manager Wil Cummings tells us that Concordance Desktop can process up to 60,000 pages per hour.

Processing requires just a few clicks. You create a new database, and then point Concordance Desktop to a data source such as an Outlook PST file or a folder of scanned documents. Concordance Desktop de-duplicates documents in the dataset, applies OCR technology to make scanned documents searchable, and performs a near-native conversion to make the documents look like they would in their native application. You can customize the processing workflow, including adding Bates stamps.

Other Notable Features

LexisNexis has also improved the tools for document review and production. Among the highlights, you can structure searches in new ways such as focusing only on email attachments. The new Persistent Search feature enables you to search a subset of a database (e.g., the key custodians in a case). The core review tools include redaction, notes, and issue tagging.

When producing documents, you can choose from native format or a traditional PDF- or TIFF-based load file, and apply a watermark and Bates numbers in the header or footer of each page. Concordance Desktop tracks all work performed from processing to review to production, providing you with an audit trail.

Concordance Desktop now works directly over the Internet so there's no need for remote desktop software. Remote users just download and install Concordance Desktop, enter their credentials, and work as if they're in the office. In the office, you can centrally install Concordance Desktop throughout your firm.

The new Admin Console enables you to manage databases of processed documents such as assigning them to Groups and Matters, and reindexing databases so that newly added documents become available to reviewers (reindexing can occur automatically by setting up a recurring Job). The SmartPath tool locates all Concordance Desktop databases on a volume.

What Else Should You Know?

LexisNexis sells concurrent licenses for Concordance Desktop. This approach saves you money because you only need enough licenses to cover the number of people working in Concordance Desktop simultaneously. Using the Admin Console, you can end the session of an idle user to free up a license for another user. Also, LexisNexis offers Burst licenses for short-term projects that temporarily require more simultaneous users. Learn more about Concordance Desktop.

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