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Partners Firing Partners Plus All the Inside Baseball From the Past Week

By Kathryn Hughes | Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming today to BigLaw: Our editorial team has assembled links to all the inside baseball announced by America's largest law firms during the past week in an easy-to-scan format. You'll also find must-read analysis, rankings, trends, etc. about large law firms.

This week's inside baseball sections link to:

75 press releases about lateral hires, mergers, internal promotions, and all other significant business news.

51 press releases about notable law firm and practice group accolades.

122 press releases about notable individual lawyer accolades.

Congratulations to Dimitra Kessenides of Bloomberg Businessweek on winning our BigLaw Pick of the Week award: Partners Firing Partners: The New Normal. Here's a sampling of of some other industry analysis from this issue:

Do Large Firms Have a Next Move?

The Illusion of Leisure Time

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