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Everchron Puts Critical Case Information and Analysis at Your Fingertips

By TechnoLawyer | Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers cloud litigation management software that enables you and your team to analyze the key documents, testimony, and witnesses in your cases (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of a new research service that collects primary and secondary sources related to cybersecurity and privacy issues, a document management system with a new platform for securely sharing documents with clients and others outside of your firm, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Litigators spend most of their time analyzing key documents, deposition testimony, and legal research. Many litigators are familiar with CaseMap, which became dominant last decade. However, CaseMap hasn't transitioned to the cloud, leaving an opening for a new entrant.

Everchron … in One Sentence

Everchron is cloud-based litigation management software that enables you and your team to manage, analyze and collaborate around important case information and documents.

The Killer Feature

Director of Business Development Alex Karpman begins my demo by pointing out that with data volumes growing, litigators need software to help them analyze and act on the most important documents that come out of a document review. He then describes Everchron as "collaborative, intuitive, mobile, and secure" with "intelligent linking, analysis, and reports."

This "intelligent linking" is best exemplified by Everchron's Witnesses feature. In the course of adding documents and testimony to Everchron, tagging these items with issues, adding annotations, etc., Everchron automatically generates a profile of every witness called a Witness File.

Click on a witness and you'll see that person's Witness File. Charts show the documents related to that witness and their importance and favorability to the case. Drill down further to view interactions with other witnesses and other analytics. The Witness File also links to declarations, testimony, and witness statements, and enables your team to add additional notes about the witness. You can export this analysis in spreadsheet form as well as all related documents.

"Once you start using Everchron, it is hard to imagine practicing without it," says Alison Plessman, partner at Hueston Hennigan. "As a lawyer, I'm often buried in work and have to prepare for depositions in very tight timeframes. With Everchron, in a matter of a few clicks, I can see all of the evidence and master file documents associated with a particular witness, as well as a breakdown of the issues and players relevant to that particular witness."

Other Notable Features

Everchron offers two import mechanisms. You can import documents and email from load files generated by discovery review platforms such as Relativity, DISCO, Logikcull, Concordance, and Summation. A mapping wizard preserves all tags and metadata. You can also drag and drop files, and edit the metadata and add witnesses on the fly.

Most of your work occurs in Everchron's Evidence tab, designed for building key fact and document chronologies. Each document in your case chronology appears in a viewer on the left with a suite of tools on the right. Use the tools to analyze the document, write a descriptive title (e.g., "The Smoking Gun Email") and summary, append comments, apply issue tags, etc. You can also apply nondestructive highlights to the document itself in the viewer.

Click the main Evidence button and you'll zoom out to the case chronology table listing all documents, their summaries, associated witnesses, issues, and other analytics. Use the search filter to narrow the list — for example, view only the most favorable hot documents. Export selected documents with or without their accompanying metadata for offline review by a client, expert, etc.

"Everchron's collaborative litigation management software puts case-critical information and analysis at a lawyer's fingertips," says Everchron CEO Ofer Bleiweiss. "With its intuitive search interface, dynamic key document chronologies, and automatically generated Witness Files, lawyers can quickly find and communicate relevant information to team members wherever and whenever they need it."

What Else Should You Know?

Everchron's Master File enables you to store all other documents related to a case such as briefs, court orders, notices of appearance, etc. PACER integration can automatically import documents from federal dockets. Learn more about Everchron.

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